Arable Farms


You know that breaking of sunlight? That blinding pinpoint of sunshine.  It's what wakes me, that searing through my eyelids laser beam of bright.  I suppose I wouldn't have to worry about that  if I were to pull the curtains shut.  I don't worry though because here in my beloved ignus fatuus a neighbor is never in sight.  One could dress and undress in the safety of careless abandon.  Anyway, I'm awake.  No dangling my feet off the bed, just a firm stand-up and push off into my day. I don't change into different clothes, PJ's are just fine.  I *should* change into a set of "chore" clothes but I don't because mornings aren't my deal and as much as I would like to want to do that....I don't.  I head out of my master bedroom, down the hall past the small library/study then bathroom and hang a left into the kitchen and great room.  This is what really starts my day.  You want me caffeinated.  No, that's not accurate, you need me caffeinated.  I put the coffee on to brew.  Here again, I should have it set to an automatic timer, but I don't and I won't.  As I wait for the gurgling and dripping to stop I always stare out my front window, just above the sink.  I gaze at the stretch of green grass directly in front, watching the dew, or fog or drizzle each day may bring.  Every morning is peace in this view. Then, I pour myself a cup of plain black coffee.  I 180 and make my way across the floor to the couch and survey past the wall of windows and covered porch into the courtyard where there is an herb garden and mushroom garden of course intermingled with flowers of a cottage garden.  Every morning is the musings of life in this view.  My coffee is dry and my cup finds its way into the large one basin sink where it should be in the dishwasher as that is empty, but it won't until later when I ponder why I didn't put it there in the first place.  

I walk to the mudroom which is on the opposite side of the house as the master bedroom but just off the kitchen.  Here I put on my overalls, zip up hoodie and slide my socked feet into rubber cowboy boots.  I prefer wellingtons but fell in love with the cowboy boots as well.  Out the first door and immediately out the second door of the "vestibule" entry.