I'm Annie.  Annie the Arable.  The zany abounds in my mind and I'm here to share it with you.  

I live in the beautiful countryside of Ignis Fatuus, 8 miles outside of the small town of Defiance.  My countryside is made more beautiful by the family that I raise and the humble farm I rear.  Every day is spent in the throws of the reality of both.  I start each morning with the same trudgery.  Waking, caffienating, and sliding into my

cute-but dirty overalls with or without jacket depending on weather and it's out to the unicorns first...

That's right folks, unicorns.  Everything I've said thus far is, well, I suppose, a lie.  Everything except the part about my name and my family.  That part is the God's honest truth.  At any rate, I'm not a farmer and the town and countryside are fictional as is most of what is in this blog.  

This is who I really am. 


I am Annie.  I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter and woman of faith. But wait...there's more!  I'm the wife of a US Marine. But before that I was a country girl.  I lived in Northern Minnesota on a little less than 10 acres with my parents and 3 younger siblings and countless animals. My father is a retired Game Warden who afforded us the great many opportunities to raise and rehabilitate wild animals including but not limited to raccoons and white tailed deer.  My mother is a master gardener and creative genius whose knowledge constantly feeds my out-of-the-box thinking. We learned hard work, hard lessons and a can-do attitude.  

I absolutely love the Marine Corps and the life I've been afforded through my husband's service.  That being said, all I've wanted to do in the 15 years of moving is to get back to the country life.  I'm now a suburban living, town house dwelling, fenced in dreamer.

My husband is currently working at the Pentagon and I work from home professionally avoiding housework and the like.  I have no quirky name for him as I see most other blogs do referencing the husband.  It's just Brad. Although, I call him Larry when he starts acting like an old man but that's not quirky...that's just his real name.  I now feel the need to clarify that Brad is also not a made-up name, that's his middle name.  So to review, Brad is what the world calls him.  I call him Larry as a joke when he starts acting geriatric.  For the purposes of this blog, he shall be called Larry and now his name has become quirky, thusly.  Glad we're all caught up. 


 So, I'm picking up blog writing but I'm doing it from the view of my Ignis Fatuus. Some is fictional, some is real.  It's my hope that the whimsy and reality will entertain, inform and provide an escape for those like me and not.  

Drop me a line, the zany awaits!

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